About Us

  • Do you want to have a home away from your home?
  • Do you want to have all facilities available at your home?
  • Do you want to enjoy the freedom of women-hood with security?
  • Do you want to have privacy with caring people around you?
  • Do you want to have homely tasty food of your choice?

The one step solution for all the above questions is the only one answer is the


We started this kedhav womens Hostel in Chennai in 2015 with only one hostel functioning in Kodambakkam.Thereafter our business expanded functioning at various locations in Chennai. In view of good business prospects the business has greatly expanded and a further expansion is also contemplated.

Kedhav women”s hostel in Chennai offers high class hostel facilities for students and working women at afforadable cost. The hostel is well connected to all parts of the city by buses and trains.

Since 2015 we have been in hostel service offering a pleasant and happy stay for women and girls away from home.We are accommodating more than 200 girls as on date.We have a very secured, clean and all home facilities.

Our hostel is located in a very safe neighbourhood with high proximity to public transportation.

We have all rooms with spacious floor plans that are reasonably charged. Our ladies hostel is ideal for working women and students.

The nearby facilities of hostel is hospitals,cinema theatres, ATM centers, hotels, bus stop, schools and public transport is easily available 24 hours a day.

Kedhav women’s hostel is one of the” BEST” Hostels in “CHENNAI” which provides ”QUALITY LIVING” in a “HOMELY ATMOSPHERE”. Apart from that modernised Restaurant is built in for catering purpose.

This entire hostel is female only and it comes with lots of extra little “Luxuries” and finishing touches that make any break away from home a bit more “Special”.

City life for ladies is becoming increasingly harder and harder due to various unavoidable factors. Especially the life for women who come from outside of Chennai need to have proper food and accommodation otherwise the life is a real threat to their safety and health.

That is why the women from other areas are craving for accommodation in Chennai that fulfil all their modern needs perfectly and keeping them absolutely free from problems that are usually associated with city.

“Kedhav women’s hostel” is a “Real Blessing” for women who seek a decent hostel that can keep them very comfortably and peacefully too.

Our hostel is run to support our women who work day and night, regular shift, late night shifts who are from near to far to provide them with the two most important basic necessities of life “Food and shelter”. No compromise on the quality of both.

Students or working women are most welcome to stay in kedhav women’s hostel for “peaceful and quality life” at a very nominal cost. We do not consider this as a Business but a sevice to society and help “ women to achieve and accomplish their needs.

Unlike other rental properties used for the purpose of hostel where maintenance is no worthy, we can boast of our hostel as our own new building maintained immaculate at all times.

Located in a peaceful residential neighbourhood, our hostel offers all facilities for its residents most of all security, supporting staff such as warden, house keeping, security and cooks are hand picked for their quality of services rendered and also for good conduct and character.

“ We welcome you to visit our premises and compare for yourself to see what we offer to women in terms of accommodation is nothing but the BEST that is available in the surrounding areas or in most areas of the city”